Exploring Yellowstone National Park Through Statistical Analysis


Bring the wonder and excitement of Yellowstone National Park to your statistics classroom with Exploring Yellowstone National Park Through Statistical Analysis. This set of eight activties takes students beyond the mean, median, and mode to predict wildlife populations, classify thermal features, and determine predictability of Yellowstone's geysers. Statistical analysis techniques include regression, hypothesis testing, percentages, displays of data, data collection, and more.

Historical excerpts from the early park explorers illuminate the importance of this place that now stands in history as the world's first National Park. Context as to the importance of science, research, and statistical analysis in preserving this fragile and unique landscape is emphasized throughout the activities. Data, provided by the National Park Service and leading authorities, is used to provide students with the opportunity to analyze real-world data within specific constraints for authentic application and discovery. Students will find the easy to follow activities to be challenging and rewarding. The activities tie history, science, and statistical analysis together in a way that promotes teaching across the curriculum.

Dr. Kost spent two years collecting data at the park, securing other data resources, and developing the activities to focus on what makes Yellowstone one of the most unique places on Earth. While every American should visit Yellowstone to experience the park first-hand, this book is designed to afford students with the ability to explore the park from their mathematics classroom.

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Activity Resources

Activity 1 - Geyser Interval Distributions Flipchart Download

Activity 3 - Thermophiles and Research PowerPoint Download

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