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Services Overview

Educational Consulting
Learn how to assist students from low-socioeconomic homes to succeed in school and analyze data.

Curriculum Writing
Custom curricula and special topic activities that engage students and foster learning are available for your students.

From weddings to freelance photography, we offer a wide variety of printing and framing options. Check it out here.

Graphic Design
From non-profit to corporate needs, our graphic design capabilities provide a rich host of media.

Tutoring & Dissertation Help
From middle school math through quantitative data analysis for dissertations, let Dr. Kost help.

Flute and piano lessons as well as public performances for special events are available.

Main Services



Kost Services offers curricula, tutoring, professional development, and data analysis to help your school succeed.


Photography & Prints

Since 1999, Dr. Kost has provided quality photography in the Pittsburgh area. From prints to freelance work, Dr. Kost's photograph's have won national accolades.


Graphic Design

From logos to brochures, posters, book covers, and other graphic needs, Kost Services provides custom design at affordable prices.


Music Lessons & Performance

Josie's extensive background in music performance and teaching provides students with a solid foundation and ensembles with beatiful music.